Amazing Grace Gets A New Mural

Amazing Grace Gets A New Mural

After the summer rains came and left we were graced by a fabulous Mural Artist named Laura Dunbar. Laura donated her time and materials to paint the Amazing Grace Animal Sanctuary logo on the side of our little shed that welcomes our visitors to the farm. Laura is a...

Adopt Me Program

It’s never been easier to be a farmer, pick out your animal, pay the monthly donation and we do the rest. You or the recipient of your heartfelt gift will receive an Adoption Certificate, a picture of your new animal, along with a monthly update. Spend some...

Best Buddies Program

When you sponsor an animal you will receive an adoption certificate [see image] and a photo of your adopted animal. Come to the Farm and enjoy a visit with your Best Buddy. Choose your Best Buddy from the images...

Gift of Kindness

A Gift of Kindness is a meaningful gesture made straight from the heart, to the heart. Your donation is made in the name of a loved one for a Birthday, Wedding or any occasion. This donation funds the care of animals who were once unloved and abandoned. Choose the...

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