An Old Soul

People with old souls tend to feel more attuned to the emotions of others and the surrounding world. That’s just what this beautiful old soul Bridget does. She’s a 25 year old standard donkey and she has an old soul that has walked many miles and carried many children on her back. This blog is named after her and appropriately so.

Bridget is as gentle as a lamb with the spirit of a lion. She came to Amazing Grace Animal Sanctuary in August of 2020. Her owners had grown older and unable to continue to care for her. They did the responsible and loving act of finding her a special home. She had teeth that were no longer helping her chew and causing problems so they were removed. The missing teeth cause her tongue to hang out of the side of her mouth. Some think it makes her look silly, but I think it makes her look even sweeter.

Bridget has many people that love her. One of those special people is Adrianna who drew a beautiful portrait of the two of them when she found out Bridget was coming home to a new stall after her eye injury. Adrianna wanted to decorate her stall and make her feel special just like Bridget makes everyone else feel. Bridget loves children and letting them sit on her back or giving soft snuggles. She also loves it when anyone takes her for a long slow walk down the wooded path and daydream together. Bridget is a great listener and appreciates all the little things in life.



‘Always remember that you are strong, powerful and good. We’re all getting better and better every day!’


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Gift of Kindness

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