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Gronk & Henrietta’s Wedding

“Pig Tails of Gronk and Henrietta”.  A book by Peggy Rydberg telling the heartwarming love story between two unlikely friends.

Gronk & Henrietta are getting married!!

The Amazing Grace Animal Sanctuary will be closed on Saturday October 8th for a private event.

On October 8th, we’re having a wedding at the farm!

Gronk finally made the move last year and proposed to Henrietta on Valentine’s Day and she said YES!  Aren’t they just the cutest couple ever! 

There has been lots to do over this last year to get ready for the big day! We have our wedding and reception area chosen, (the barn yard) at Amazing Grace Animal Sanctuary. We’ve chosen our Maid of Honor and our Best Man and now it’s the final month before the wedding, getting all the details confirmed and the farm yard freshened up!

Finn and Buddy helped choose paint colors for the goat gym and Cathy LaMontagne is busy painting while Buddy gives his nod of approval. There’s nothing like a wedding to inspire us to get those long awaited chores done!

Meanwhile, Gronk whispers sweet grunts to his beloved Henrietta who is a nervous Bride to Be. The big day is only five weeks away. October 8th. Henrietta had her first dress fitting today and has had difficulty deciding on her hairstyle. NOPE!  The long tuft behind her ears tickles when Gronk gets close and nuzzles!!  Dixie Lee (the pink sheep) just came back from the hair salon this afternoon. She is going for a total makeover for Gronk and Henrietta’s wedding. Dixie asked Oliver if he loved her new look…He wisely remained silent.

Wedding Details

The Ceremony

11:00-11:45  Arrival of guests

12:00-12:30 Wedding Ceremony

12:30-3:00 Reception

Excitement is building…..the wedding is just days away. Henrietta is practicing her walk down the aisle.

Henrietta and Gronk love little children and are hoping kids will make a handmade card to congratulate them on their wedding. They plan on reading them on their honeymoon. Any type of card will do but, nothing makes them happier than hand made!! So get out your crayons and markers and let them know how joyful you are to attend their wedding.

Don’t forget your fancy “Country Farm Wedding” clothes! And kids……… if you’re up to it, Princess costume and/or Country farmer clothes will make the bride and groom very happy.

Pig Tails of Gronk & Henrietta

by Peggy A. Rydberg and illustrated by Candace Story

Peggy Rydberg will be available after the wedding event from 3-4 PM  to sell and sign books for anyone who did not attend the wedding.

A beautifully illustrated picture book that is suitable for ages 3 and up. [I believe that adults will enjoy it just as much as children…] The cost is $20 and 100% of the proceeds will go towards helping the animals of Amazing Grace Animal Sanctuary.

I will be bringing more books to the wedding of the century on October 8th. If you cannot attend the wedding, or just can’t wait until Oct. to receive your copy, you can email me at and I can mail you a copy!

Thank you friends for your continued support of the farm!  Peggy

Get your own Gronk & Henrietta Stuffed Animals

A beautiful stuffed Gronk and Henrietta are also available. These soft and cuddly pigs are $12 each or $10 each with the purchase of a book. Contact us if you’d like to purchase them.

Well, we finally got the pearls on Henrietta!!



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“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”  — Anatole France

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