Sponsor an Animal - Gronk

Gronk is a very handsome pig who joined us at Amazing Grace Animal Sanctuary in November of 2019. He was an unusual fellow having resided in a home for the past 5 years living like a king and running the household. It seems he was getting restless and bored as the family grew up and mom went back to work. When he was left alone he played detective and searched out the backpacks, closets and drawers for any mysterious objects of interest. It was decided that Gronk, named after the famous patriots Gronkowski, would be happier with more human or animal interaction (maybe another porcine buddy). He arrived at AGAS and made himself right at home, taking over the rug in front of the woodstove, stealing all the blankets and loose garments hanging on the chairs and settling in on the couch. He was a perfect gentleman and was very Tidy with his housekeeping. We read books together during the cold winter months and he would venture out only to do his personal business. As spring approached and we found ourselves outdoors and away from home ( I had to go back to work) the detective came alive and he began his searching techniques once again.

Gronk's favorite places to investigate are the candy drawer and bookshelves. After we found many a candy box in his bed and shredded books, and oh dumped over plants we decided it was time to meet Hennrietta, his new piggy friend. The relationship developed slowly but now they are housemates resembling Felix and Oscar. He is learning how to be a “Pig”, he does not like to get dirty or wet unlike his housemate. Gronk loves to go for walks, and escapes daily to go visit the neighbors. He will need a winter Jacket as he experiences his first winter outside, with many hours still snuggled up to the woodstove.

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